What's next

Upcoming features

The features I want to add to the debugbar

Running the debugbar in production or staging

One of the next feature I want to add is how to run the debugbar in production or staging. It should be ignored for all request not coming from authorized users. If ignored, there should be no performance impact.

Running the debugbar in production will let you explore your application with real data!

Running the debugbar in staging can be useful if you have a frontend SPA and a backend API. The staging is the backend, and you only run the frontend locally.

Support for Puma cluster mode (multi process)

The debugbar is not compatible with Puma cluster mode. This is because the debugbar uses an in-memory buffer to store the data. This buffer is not shared between processes.

Your frontend connects to one process via websocket. If the request is handled by another process, the frontend will not receive the data.

The data will need to be stored in a shared buffer, like Redis.

More collectors

HTTP requests

If you backend makes HTTP requests to other services, it would be nice to see the requests in the debugbar. I'm hoping to be able to reuse come code from webmock to support as many HTTP libraries as possible.

If I can't, I'll start with Faraday.


I'm not sure yet what there is to do here, but I'm super excited about Hotwire, and I'm sure there is tons of value to add there!


Active Job is super easy to support because there is an event dispatched. To support Sidekiq, I'll need to monkey patch the perform_async method (and related methods). I have POC working, but I need to make sure it's not too invasive.